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Tez has had a rough day. The power has gone out, his generator is broken and now the WORLD is cracking?!

Join Tez on his epic quest to get his TV working again. Maybe he'll even make some friends and save the world along the way.

This 2-D platformer will have Tez stretching, jumping, puzzling and even….heaven forbid….working with others (eugh) to try to stop the world from breaking around him. Can he accomplish his ultimate goal of getting the TV back on?

This game is still in development. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 


  • The first level of Tez's epic (TV restoration) adventure.
  • A Storybook Narrative of the unfolding chapter.
  • Classic platforming with scaling difficulty puzzles.
  • A taster of the first of six uniquely styled regions.
  • Two of the full game's five playable characters.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls

A/D - Move left and right

F - Interact

Q/E - Cycle Characters

Mouse Left/Right - Stretch and Squash

Xbox Gamepad Controls

Left Thumb-Stick - Move left and right

X - Interact

LB/RB - Cycle Characters

LT/RT - Stretch and Squash



Tez Fractured World.zip 39 MB
Tez_Fractured_World_Mac.app.zip 39 MB

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